Significance of bleeding on probing during periodontal exam

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Third Molars and Progression of Periodontal Pathology During Pregnancy

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But when we identify the specific bacteria responsible for the patient’s case of periodontal disease, we can then address the cause and reduce the likelihood. Black (colored) band of periodontal probe marked at 2 mm (edges of marks correspond to lenghts of and mm) is quick and precise indicator of probing depths.

Bleeding on probing

International Dental & Medical Journal of Advanced Research - VOLUME The high prevalence of depression among dental students highlights the significance of providing support and assistance programs along with the implementation of preventive measures.

These measures will help particularly those who have a higher degree of. The examination protocol was performed during two subsequent sessions.

Detection and diagnosis of periodontal conditions amenable to prevention

The demographic data were obtained, and the GOHAI questionnaire was filled by each participant during the first session. The oral examination was carried out by an experienced dentist at the bedside, and the OHIP questionnaire was filled by each participant during.

Full-mouth periodontal examinations of 6 periodontal probing sites for each visible tooth, including third molars, were conducted at less than 26 weeks of pregnancy and within 72 hours postpartum. The primary outcome variable was periodontal progression (4 or more probing sites with at least a 2 mm increase in probing depth (PD), all at least 4.

The diagnostic predictive value of plaque scores, bleeding, probing depth, and other clinical periodontal criteria is a complex topic. However, it is safe to say that after a few years of maintenance, an increase in probing depths, particularly if combined with high frequency of bleeding on probing, shows the highest predictive value for attachment loss and disease progression (2).

Significance of bleeding on probing during periodontal exam
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