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Cite This Essay. The estuary zones include the mangrove swamp, the coastal prairie, the freshwater slough, the cypress swamp, the hardwood hammocks, and the pinelands.

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Along the shore, seagrass provides habitat for shellfish, fish and sponges. The nutrient for this zone is acquired by water as it drains off land.

The Florida Everglades Essay examples Words | 6 Pages. THE EVERGLADES: RIVER OF GRASS The Everglades, also known as the River of Grass, is one of South Florida's most treasured areas. It is an area still full of wonder and mystery. The Everglades is lined with a specific type of limestone bedrock formed by tiny organisms called byrozoans.

Feb 21,  · Florida Essays (Examples) Filter results by: In spite of the qualities that Florida Everglades has, the land is severely harmed by outside factors and it is essential for society to acknowledge the fact that urgent action needs to be taken in.

The everglades national park The everglades national park is located in southern Florida. The variety of this habitat has made it a sanctuary for many animal.

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Burmese Python Argumentative Essay. The Burmese python is a invasive species that has become a threat to the Florida Everglades ecosystem. Their impact on South Florida's eco system.

Florida everglades essay
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