Curriculum checkpoint exams grade 8

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Cambridge Checkpoint Science 1

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Cambridge Checkpoint

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Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint

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Cambridge Checkpoint is an innovative new diagnostic testing service which marked a major landmark in development of assessment services for an international school. It is an invaluable tool for students; it enables access to standardised tests that provide feedback on a student's strengths and weaknesses in key curriculum areas.

On the academic level, Year 7 and 8 follow the Cambridge lower secondary curriculum.

Middle School Program

The end of Year 8 holds the Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint Exams. CIE Checkpoint builds on the primary stage, and develops as well as tests children’s knowledge and skills in Mathematics, English, and Science.

It combines a world-class curriculum, high-quality support for teachers and integrated assessment. Our curriculum frameworks for English also include an 'English as a second language' option. Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint tests can be used to monitor learners’ readiness for the next stage of education.

Resources may contain links to sites external to the website. These sites may not be within the jurisdiction of NYSED and in such cases NYSED is not responsible for its content. Math is Fun Curriculum for Grade 8. Show Ads.

Hide Ads About Ads. Grade 8 Curriculum. Below are skills needed, with links to resources to help with that skill. We also encourage plenty of exercises and book work.

Curriculum Home. Important: this is a guide only. Home > Curriculum > Primary (Grades ) CIPP During the Primary Years at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, your child will study English, Mathematics and Science through a .

Curriculum checkpoint exams grade 8
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