Alberta education diploma exams re write anime

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Diploma Prep Courses for January 2019

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Diploma Rewrite Fees

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If this is not your first time writing a diploma exam for that credit course, you are required to submit a Diploma Exam Rewrite form together with a $25 + GST rewrite fee directly to Alberta Education. For the complete diploma exam schedule and applicable rewrite forms visit the Alberta Education website.

Diploma Exam Information Please read for all information pertaining to Diploma exams. Please go to to set up an account with Alberta Education.

Alberta Education requires all students in diploma courses to write diploma examinations. As such, the school-based mark is worth 70% of the student’s overall grade. The Diploma Exam is worth 30%.

Diploma Exams Schedule: January During the January Session, all writers must be pre-registered to write or rewrite diploma exams. *If you are wishing to "re-write" sign in at the guidance office to get permission from an administrator.

Guide to. Education. ECS TO GRADE – All changes to Alberta Education requirements contained in this document are effective the first.

Please Note:

Alberta students have completed their first round of Diploma Examinations since the removal of the written response portion from mathematics and science exams.


Alberta education diploma exams re write anime
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